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The History of LEGO Pirates

LEGO Pirates Wave 1 1989 -1991

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LEGO Pirates Wave 3 1994 - 1995

LEGO Pirates Wave 4 1996 - 1997

LEGO Pirates Wave 5 2009 - 2010

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Special Pirates Sets, The LEGO Idea Book


  1. Seeing all these classic lego pirates sets sure brings back memories. My favorite was always putting Sabre Island, Lagoon Lock-up and Broadside's Brig together to make a base for the blue coats.

    I recently made a brickfilm called Escape from Sabre Island that uses all stuff from classic pirates 1989-1993.
    You should check it out:

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  4. Nice blog, the Eldorado Fortress was my favourite set too..

  5. Great blog! LEGO- the miniature plastic bricks that set alight your child’s imagination. Best Lego sets for kids are designed to build up the creativity of the child while offering the enjoyment of the game.