Sunday, 27 November 2011

Special Pirate Sets, the LEGO Idea Books

Taking a little break from my regular routine of following a faction, I have decided to show you some very special pirate pictures, in the hope that you all experience a little bit of nostalgia or possibly surprise.

 Back in the glory days of my youth, LEGO released a number of books simply designed to promote the idea of building your own sets. These were called ‘LEGO Idea Books’ and featured a small number of builds for each theme they had at the time.

From all these books (there were about twenty in total), LEGO explored Pirates twice, in Idea Book 260-1 (1990) and 697-1 (1997), I here with me now, the combined pictures from both those books, I hope you enjoy.

Book 260-1, Page 38 and 39 

Book 260-1, Page 40 and 41

Book 260-1, Page 42 and 43

Book 697-1, Page 14 and 15

Book 697-1, Page 16 and 17

Book 697-1, Page 18 and 19

Book 697-1, Page 20 and 21

One final bonus image is the below picture, it is a shot of a unreleased theme by LEGO called ‘Europa’, it was probably never released because it was too close to both castle and pirate. Personally I would never give up my pirate sets, but I would have bought these two, ahh a man can dream.

I hope you have enjoyed these slightly unusual pictures, and if you would like to see any of them in greater detail simply click on the links below and you will see them on my Flickr page or on Peeron, my next post will be on Dragon Masters I promise.

Cheers all


  1. Great stuff :) I love the imperial & pirates sets :) Thanks for this interesting post!

  2. Great stuff

    I really like the first picture with the bluecoats and the pirates

    thank you

  3. I really enjoy your articles! I was wondering if you have most of the idea books/would do a review of the castle theme (perhaps you have and I haven't gotten there yet)?

    1. I do have all the castle ones as well (there's four books) I was going to do a review on them soon I might take a break from the castle overviews and put this in. As a special treat I was going to make one of the sets as well and actually take some photos of my own :)

  4. Years ago I stumbled over a picture of the Soldier Base (Book 260). Until today I was wondering where this came from.
    I like the Armada Base! One little Base for the Armada was too bad. I think I will build it =)
    But is in the instruction (Book 697-1, Page 20 and 21) a mistake? Step 3 to 4? The gray 2x4 Brick can't fit with the Panel. Or is this a special Item?