Tuesday, 27 March 2012

An Easy Medieval LEGO House

Taking a break from my usual format I have decided to bring you a build of my own. Now for anyone familiar with my articles you will know I am a huge fan of the civilian side of LEGO Castle, but this particular obsession is not always easy to indulge.

Well I have today an easy way to make a passable Medieval LEGO house, it requires no special “Bricklink” or “Pick a Brick” orders, just some smallish set purchases that are available now.
To build this house I bought three sets, here they are listed below. 

The Log Cabin (set 5766)

Blacksmith Attack (set 6918)

Knight and Castle Building Set (set 5929)

This build was made using only bricks from these sets, I have included other figures and accessories simply because I like them but the actual build was very brick-limited. Please also note that this is just one suggestion and that I am not the greatest builder ever, but I do like its inclusion within my Castle collection so please everyone be kind.

I call it the LEGO Log Cabin MOD.

As always thanks for reading, until next time.


  1. That does it! There is a going out of sale at the local Zellers and I have been debating on buying 6918 and 5716 but couldn't justify spending the money, this has tipped the scales.

  2. the roof of the 5766 have cool color, it is brown near red....medieval taste. kewl.

  3. Super cute little building Stevie! Could you tile the inside though so its brown/red rather than green (Looks more like wood then )? Just an idea - but then possibly in mediveal times they had grass in their houses, I'm not sure!! xxx

  4. Nice creation, Steve. Lego gives us the freedom to build and create by our imaginations. Your creation does qualify as a medieval building. I like your inclusion of the grey bricks for your log cabin (gives a more 'castle' feel -> if you know what I mean)and the colour of the roof is exceptional. On a side note, I would prefer building on the thinner green base plate instead of those that you are using as most of my medieval buildings are using the thinner green base plates. I guess you are just making the best out of these 3 sets and I think you did a great job :) Cheers!

  5. I saw your mod and liked it so much that I made one of my own, with some changes since I had different pieces. I posted some pics on my site (and credited you for the mod concept). I just wanted to let you know. :) http://www.roboturtle.org/?p=2042

    1. Thats really cool of you to do, I've had a look at your build and its great. The extra pieces really make the set shine, its just with my build the intention was on limiting myself only on building with what came in the boxes.

      great job on your though


    2. Yeah, I know that was the point of your original mod, but I happen to have a lot of bricks, so I used what I had, and thanks!