Friday, 17 June 2011

The Last of the Wolfpack (Moc)

 Hello as I have been very busy finishing Uni I have had little time to continue my LEGO passion, though last week I had a few hours free and here are the results, a small prison  (the castle) and a gallows (complete with holding cell, spetator seating and a cart to carry away the dead).

I call it, The Last of the Wolfpack

An Overview shot

Top Down Shot

They Love to  hang round :-) (p.s the tree is black because I believe in the Forstmans tree ethos)

The audience is happy though

Others being lead to execution

Heavy Chains

The next group wait on in fear

Prison Court Yard

Complete with chopping block

And a jail for the rest of the Wolfpack waiting sentence (the block can be moved out or placed in)

And a small Kitchen for the guards to cook

Is there no hope for the Wolfpack??

The Lion Knights guard the Top of the Castle (I don't know Why?)

Hope you liked the pictures. (p.s there is a Link minifig in the Moc can you spot where?)

Comments would be mosted apreciated

Thanks for Looking



  1. woo awesome pics. there is a proper little story going on here with so much detail in this. did you plan all the story before had or did you start to put the pieces in place and it just came together? or maybe abit of both? my fave pic has to be the on title 'Is there no hope for the Wolfpack??' the one member of the wolfpack hiding is a great idea.

    so awesome pics and that and great to see you posting again.

  2. Nice pics! Hope the rest of the group will be rescued! :D

  3. Thanks everyone as you can see I'm a bit of a building novice but that still doesn't mean I can't have fun.

  4. The wolfpack will rise again... You can never destroy them all! (I seem to have collected about 30 in my obsession). Nice MOC, cool backstory.

  5. Really nice set. You don't need thousands of LEGOs to build a good set, just creativity!

  6. so violent :P I'm catholic but not one of those strange ones who finds any kind of fake violence horrible! good job with the build! but i doubt execution will be on lego agenda in the future :P

  7. XD Revisiting this, maybe there are lion knights because all the kingdoms are taking part in removing what they view as pests!

    1. or maybe it's because the wolfpack was from 1990s and lions are more modern, so they are getting rid of old stuff?
      Make way for modern times!
      even though the older stuff's better! :D

  8. you're awesome. thank you for creating this! I found Link!