Friday, 18 May 2012

Special Castle Sets, the LEGO Idea Books

Hello again LEGO Fans, I apologise for my absence and have decided to bring you a little treat I have been holding for a while now as a way to making it up to you. Back in November I took a little break from my usual format to show you the LEGO idea books from the late 80s and 90s, well it’s time to do it again except now it’s with Castle sets. 
Below we have the pages from all the LEGO idea books from the 80s and 90s as well as some very special photos of prototype builds that sadly never got made.
From the twenty plus idea books LEGO explored Castle on five occasions, in Idea Books 6000-1 (1980), 200-4 (1985), 250-1(1987), 260-1 (1990) and 267-1 (1997). Below are all the pictures, I apologise if any are slightly dark. The book from 1980 is particularly interesting as it tells a story of modern (or space) Lego figures going back in time to the castle era (I think), anyway have fun.

The LEGO Idea Book 6000-1 (1980)

The LEGO Idea Book 200_4 (1985)

 The LEGO Idea Book 250-1 (1987)

 The LEGO Idea Book 260-1 (1990)

 The LEGO Idea Book 260-1 (1990)

Prototype Photos

All idea book pictures can be found on Peeron and the prototype photos can be found on brickipedia below are the links.

As always thank you very much for taking the time to look and I promise I will be quicker with my next post.